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About Dr. Charles Ten Eyck

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At his very core Dr. Ten Eyck is an explorer. He has explored the world through the eyes of a father, adjunct college professor, student, executive, pilot, carpenter, skier, minister, coach, and United States Marine.

It is through this unique exploration that Dr. Ten Eyck discovered Systems Theory and was inspired to do five years of Post Doctoral study and supervision in Organizational and Family Emotional Systems with the late Dr. Edwin Friedman.

During his study, Dr. Ten Eyck recognized the fundamental understanding that the world is comprised of systems both great and small. And of these systems, the single most powerful one dictating our functioning is the emotional system.

Seeing the benefits of applying Emotional System theory in is own life, motivated him to teach it to others. In teaching Emotional Systems, Dr. Ten Eyck hopes to assist people in maximizing their own biologically rooted resources, to enhance their own functioning and through this the organizations of which they are a part.



Dr. Charles Ten Eyck arrives on scene with a wide breadth of experience.

He earned both Master and Doctoral degrees from Drew University and has five years of Post Doctoral study and supervision in Organizational and Family Emotional Systems. He studied for two years in The School of International Relations at American University. He also holds psychology and business degrees from the State University of New York. He spent 45 years in various leadership positions for profit and non-profit organizations with responsibility for all functions of organizational life.

Dr. Ten Eyck brings with him over 30 years of experience in Organizational Emotional Systems. He has worked with profit and non-profit organizations large and small: families, educational, medical, small businesses, social service agencies, churches, law enforcement, Fortune 500 companies, etc.

Dr. Ten Eyck continues to train and support clients all over the continental United States through Seminars, Training and Coaching in the form of Creative Workshops to enhance personal and professional functioning for organizations. He also offer’s public programs dealing with individual functioning and relationships.

His many years as a father of four, a carpenter, human resource director, adjunct college professor, minister, and his tour of active duty with the United States Marine Corps, provide him with a variety of life experiences that make his seminars anything but dull.

Dr. Ten Eyck has a multitude of varied interests and experiences ranging from downhill skiing and piloting aircraft to surfing, sailing, carpentry, international travel and playing the guitar.

He is, by all accounts, no one trick pony.


Dr. Ten Eyck has a unique vision of leadership and change coupled with keen perceptions of interpersonal and organizational dynamics - that powerful combination can revolutionize groups he works with!

/  Kathleen A. Whitmire, PhD, CCC-SLP  /