Emotional Systems

The only stupid question is
the question that is never asked.


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How do I practice Emotional Systems everday?

There are many ways to get better at Emotional Systems thinking and how you approach everyday situations from a Systems perspective. Over time and with practice, the late-“father” of emotional systems theory Murray Bowen said it best, “The overall goal of [emotional systems training] is to help members become 'systems experts' who could know [their] system so well that the organization/family could [change] itself without the help of an expert.”

Imagine that, you too can become a 'systems expert'! Reach out to learn how. Let’s Chat ➝

Do you offer support after a Creative Workshop?

Yes. Dr. Ten Eyck can offer support through e-mail, instant messaging, phone, as well as in person even after his creative workshops. Reach out to see what he can do for your group or individual needs. Let’s Chat ➝

Do you coach and teach people individually?

Yes. Dr. Ten Eyck continues to coach companies, clients, families and friends alike through e-mail, instant messaging, phone support, as well as in person even after his creative workshops. He has coached organizations and individuals this way for a number of years. Reach out to him to learn more. Let’s Chat ➝