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To teach and apply natural systems theory as applied to emotional systems by Dr. Murray Bowen and consolidated by ongoing scholarship and research.

To assist people in maximizing their own biologically rooted resources, which in turn enhances their own functioning and through this the organizations of which they are a part.

To teach, train, and coach individuals in the principals of emotional systems that determine the quality of their functioning, physically, rationally, and emotionally, with the goal of guiding participants to become “systems experts” themselves so that they would no longer need the help of an expert.


Emotional Systems Fundamentals

All organizations, regardless of size, function within an emotional system. This system operates much like other natural systems, i.e. gravitational, biological, ecological systems.

An emotional system is the single most powerful phenomena dictating our functioning.

The system is biologically rooted, and until recognized, invisible, environment that determines the successful functioning of individuals and organizations. Its influence is more powerful than intellect, education, culture, gender, race, experience, nationality or any other sociological or demographic category we often “blame” for our functioning.

This system has more power over our individual functioning than any individual has over the system. The result is that often our functioning is merely a reaction to the system rather than freely choosing our own functioning.

Emotional systems training decreases the influence of the system and increases the power of the individual by freeing the individual from the systemic influences that undermine individual and organizational function.

It is based on the notion that individuals already possess the ability to choose what is best for themselves and their organizations when free from the sabotaging influences of the system.

One example of the benefit of Emotional Systems training

You’ve probably been told at one time or another, “Don’t let them push your buttons.” Whether dealing with an individual or an organization our buttons get pushed. Our attempts to resist this requires a great deal of attention, effort, and energy.

Most approaches to dealing with others focuses on ways to prevent our buttons from being pushed. Emotional Systems training provides us a way to get rid of our buttons so there are none to push in the first place.

Find out whether or not you can benefit from Dr. Ten Eyck’s services. If you, or someone in a position of influence in your organization can answer most of these questions, it is unlikely that you will benefit from Emotional Systems training.


The overall goal of [emotional systems training] is to help members become 'systems experts' who could know [their] system so well that the family/organization could [change] itself without the help of an expert.

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